This is a curated list of terms and acronyms in the field of DevOps and cloud engineering.


Ansible is a configuration management tool with Infrastructure as Code capabilities. See

see also: Configuration Management, Infrastructure as Code

Amazon Web Services

also known as: AWS

AWS or Amazon Web Services is the most widely used cloud platform and IaaS provider in the world.

Individual AWS services include, for example: EC2, EKS, ECS

Configuration Drift

Configuration Drift is the difference between the assumed configuration of your infrastructure and/or applications, and their actual current state.

Configuration Drift causes uncertainty in Continuous Delivery pipelines.

Lack of Infrastructure as Code or Configuration Management practices contribute to Configuration Drift.

see also: Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Configuration management is a concept for managing server and application configuration as code.

see also: Infrastructure as Code

Continuous Delivery

also known as: CD

Continuous Delivery is a software delivery methodology where changes are shipped to production frequently and in small increments.

Continuous Delivery is enabled by the confidence of knowing that your common code branch (usually known as the ‘master’ branch) could be deployed to production at any given point in time. It implies you have a way of automatically testing and rejecting changes that would break your production environment.

see also: Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment is taking Continuous Delivery a step further, meaning every valid code change will be deployed to production automatically.

see also: Continuous Delivery

Continuous Integration

also known as: CI

Continuous Integration is the concept of testing code changes automatically, and merging passed changes in a common master branch. This cycle should be completed at least daily by every developer.

Continuous Integration is a prerequisite for any Continuous Delivery pipeline.

see also: Continuous Delivery


DevOps is a methodology and a way of working that emphasizes shared responsibilities in a software delivery organization.

see also: Continuous Delivery

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is a person who implements DevOps on a technical level.

see also: DevOps


also known as: AWS EC2, Elastic Computing Cloud

The Amazon Web Services Elastic Computing Cloud, or EC2, is one of the fundamental building blocks of the AWS ecosystem.

EC2 is used to create and manage virtual machines in the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

see also: AWS


also known as: AWS ECS, Elastic Container Service

The Amazon Web Services Elastic Container Service, or ECS, is a proprietary cloud orchestration platform in AWS.

ECS can be used to run containerised application environments across multiple EC2 virtual machines, or Fargate.


see also: AWS


also known as: AWS EKS, Elastic Kubernetes Service

The Amazon Web Services Elastic Kubernetes Service, or EKS, is the managed Kubernetes service on AWS.

EKS can be used to build and manage Kubernetes clusters that are running on either EC2 or Fargate.


see also: AWS, Kubernetes


also known as: AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is an abstraction that enables software development teams to run container workloads without managing virtual machines or servers.

When used with EKS or ECS, Fargate manages the underlying virtualised server resources for the user, effectively removing the need to spin up EC2 instances to run containers on.


see also: AWS, EKS, ECS

Infrastructure as Code

also known as: IaC

Infrastructure as Code is a way of managing IT infrastructure by defining all resources as code.

see also: Configuration Management, Terraform


also known as: K8s

Kubernetes is one of the most widely-used container orchestration platforms. Kubernetes can be used to run container workloads in modern cloud platforms as well as traditional datacenters.


Terraform is one of the most popular tools for building Infrastructure as Code in modern cloud environments. See

see also: Infrastructure as Code